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Systems Integration

Is Systems Integration relevant to small and medium sized businesses?

Is Systems Integration relevant to small and medium sized businesses? What is systems integration? Systems integration, also known as SI, is the process of bringing together different computing systems into one cohesive whole. This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as integrating a new system into an existing network, or consolidating multiple…

Business Process Automation (BPA)

Does workflow automation really save time and money?

Does workflow automation really save time and money? Does workflow automation really save time and money? The short answer is yes, but there are some caveats. Here’s a more detailed explanation. Workflow automation can save time in just a few ways. First, it can automate repetitive tasks that would otherwise need to be done manually….


Monitoring for Vulnerable Dependencies

Monitoring for Vulnerable Dependencies Introduction Monitoring your software can sometimes be time-consuming and difficult, especially if you have to rely on software engineers to do it manually. That’s why automated vulnerability monitoring is so important. it helps you keep track of software vulnerabilities across your infrastructure without having to put too much effort or money…

Project Management

The 4 fundamentals for software project success

Time: the critical success factor for software development project Managers and IT professionals are interested in understanding how to create a software development project plan that will be more likely to be successfully help a software project be delivered on time, with the right functionality and that adheres to the necessary standards for quality, reliability…

Digital Transformation

8 things leaders should keep in mind when managing digital transformation

Considerations when managing digital transformation People often talk about a digital transformation when launching a new website or acquiring a new mobile app. However, digital transformation is more than just that—it’s also the process of adopting and adapting to modern-day technologies within an Warrington organisation. It is important to recognise what steps organisations can take…


When to prioritise technology investments in construction

When to prioritise technology investments in construction The construction industry is set to receive a boost from the tech sector, with investment in software and data analysis expected to grow at nearly three times the rate of other sectors. This will see global spending on tech within the construction sector rise by $6.1 billion each…

IT Modernisation

IT Modernisation: what it is and its key components

IT Modernisation: what it is and its key components What is IT Modernisation? IT modernisation is the process of integrating new technologies, processes and practices into an organisation’s existing IT infrastructure. The goal of IT modernisation is to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and agility of an organisation’s IT operations. There are a number of factors…

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